Retargeting is a process of displaying your ads to the people who have visited your website, had a look at some of the products but they didn’t make the purchase. There is a great chance to capitalize on visitors who have shown interest in the services/ products. Not only it boosts the visitor traffic and click rate, but it also increases the business revenue.

Intellect ads has retargeting solutions for every stage of the customer lifecycle. We help you reach your audience within real time, right when they are likely to make the purchase.

How Retargeting Ads Work

Our experts will provide you with a tracking code for your website. This tracking code will document all the website visitors.
This code will leave a “cookie” on the visitor’s computer. These visitors will see your display ads depending on their past interest in your services and products.

How Do We Do It?

We set up specific retargeting Ad campaigns for a group of people who have visited your website or shown interest in your products.
We target the following types of visitors through retargeting:

  • Visitors, who landed on your site but did not make any purchase.
  • Visitors who viewed the product but didn’t add it to the cart.
  • Visitors who added the product in the cart but didn’t make the purchase
  • Customers who have bought your products in the past.

We Offer:

1. Website Retargeting

Website retargeting helps you staying in front of the people who have visited your website previously. With our advanced capabilities, we can host Video and HTML5.

2. Audience Targeting

Our audience helps you reach the right people online, driving the right traffic and increasing brand awareness of your website. Our experts build look-alike models and custom segments to reach your ideal audience.

3. Search Retargeting

With search retargeting service, we serve banner ads to the user based on their search. These ads are shown to people who have shown interest in your service or product.

4. Contextual Targeting

We leverage the contextually relevant inventory to drive traffic. Our experts allow programmatic buyers to access the highest quality, safest and most contextually relevant inventory.

5. Dynamic Creative Optimization

Our Dynamic Creative Optimization shows ads to the people for the products they are more likely to buy by their past behavior.