Remarketing brings you phenomenal increase in sales. It is a way of bringing back the visitors to your websites who did not make the purchase. It is a targeted marketing strategy for a well-defined audience who have been checking out your products/services on the internet.

We offer a highly focused remarketing strategy to increase potential customer leads and sales. Our ads reach your audience at a time when they are most interested and possibly ready to purchase. It is a cost-effective way to engage prospective customers with increased brand awareness.


IntellectAd delivers powerful solutions to drive brand engagement and reach the desired audience.

1. Multi-channel Remarketing

Track your customers across various platforms by putting remarketing ads along with Ad-Roll, Google, Perfect Audience, and other third-party networks.

2. Advanced Audience Segmentation

We categorize your audience and visitors by visits, day and engagement to conduct an easy remarketing campaign. Our experts make sure that right prospects are given the correct message at the right time.

3. Dynamic Remarketing

We create customized ads that are based on the behavior of recent visitors, their past shopping patterns, current online search habits and items they have looked for.

4. Continuous Monitoring

Our experts offer you with data collection, testing, tracking, and optimization to improve your campaigns to see more customers return to complete the purchases.

5. Real-Time Bidding

We reach your targeted potential customers through real-time bidding, irrespective of where they reside.


1. Branding

IntellectAds through Premium Orders and PMP access helps our customer in buying a premium audience. We calculate brand lift and demographic audience to offer unparalleled engagement.

2. Acquisition

We help our clients in the acquisition by getting new file customers, increasing customer base and driving top-line revenue. We keep all the visitor’s record and track them.

3. Retargeting

Our experts help clients with dynamic creativity, optimization support, and message sequencing. We perform track conversion for every site in our e-Marketing service.

4. Managing

We measure ROI to every site and select the best platform to target your potential customers. We even change ad position and placement if required.


1. Control and Clarity

We provide complete control and clarity over inventory to reach targeted audience.

2. In-depth Insight

Our experts provide insight into a significant amount of data and strategy. Our experts analyze the complete record of tracking visitors.

3. Comprehensive Solutions

We provide comprehensive solutions to help our clients with customer acquisition, increasing brand awareness and re-engaging with current customers.

4. Dedicated Team

Our dedicated team of experts manages your website and keep track of visitors along with people who left without a transaction.