Social Media Optimization | SMO

The charm of social media is such that an advertisement put on any networking platform will get you desired results from the day one. Social networks employ user information (interaction, interests) to show the relevant ad to get more conversions. Organic reach has its limitation especially if one is looking for quick business results through social media.

IntellectAd provides a comprehensive Paid Social Media services to generate fast results. Our experts set up an optimized campaign for an identified
target audience. Our experts connect the users with your business who have expressed their interest in your products or services. Our Social Media
advertising services are the most effective and targeted form of advertising.

Instagram Advertising

We offer a unique solution to target prospective customers further scaling your campaigns and saving money spent on the
ad to meet the ROI goals. Instagram ads are highly engaging to drive traffic to your website or Social Media page.

Facebook Advertising

Our team of experts is proficient in managing Facebook ads to generate leads, app downloads, driving traffic and boosting sales. We target results
by driving in the relevant audience who are more likely to convert.

Snapchat Advertising

Our experts use snapchat to promote client’s brand stories to engage highly mobile-friendly users.

Twitter Advertising

Whether you have a direct response goal, branding or engagement, an active presence on Twitter will create a long-lasting impact.


1. Assign Social Media Manager

We appoint a Social Media manager to boost the results and cut the increased cost. This person will analyze your business, create an advertising strategy and execute it accordingly.

2. Real Advertising Strategy

We develop a concise and clear ad strategy for our client’s business. This strategy includes proven advertising funnels to convert visitors to the website into prospective customers. This step is an attempt to drive traffic to the site too.

3. Engaging Advertisements

We have ad specialists who curate the ideas for the client’s ad copy and select images for the campaign. We conduct A/B split test for your advertisements. This process helps in identifying ads driving most results.

4. Monitoring and Optimization

We track our client’s campaign on a daily basis to identify areas reflecting low performance. These areas are held back, and new ads are ideated to keep the results consistent.

5. Reporting

Our ad specialist prepares monthly reports for the client to review the performance. Our conversion tracking system will report the conversion amount generated through Social Media advertising services.


1. Website click

Our specialist team works closely with the client to discuss and execute the strategic plan. We ensure that unique propositions and products are shown.

2. Lead Ads

We expand business’ outreach by setting up priorities with the most targeted leads and industry coverage.

3. Remarketing

We identify and divide our client’s audience on the basis of their engagement rate on the business app. We send across a relevant message to fill the conversion funnel
of the client. We classify them into four types of campaigns: conversion campaigns, activation campaigns, cross-promotion campaigns and retention campaigns.

4. Carousel Ads

Our facebook Carousel Ads offer a vast scope to increase the conversions and traffic of the website.

5. Website Conversions

Our website conversion advertisement motivates people to visit your website which increases your page visits and sales.

6. Mobile App Advertisement

Mobile App results in higher conversion rate due to its unique interactive design and mechanism.

7. Native Ads

Our native ads are highly engaging and compelling ad unit that is correctly embedded within the host app.

8. Retargeting

Our experts will help you connect you with the active Social Media users who have visited your website in the past.