Google Map Optimization

When your business has a physical address also, then you need to give it space at google maps. It is also an essential part of your local link building campaign. Interestingly, Google map optimization also helps you in ranking at Google. The footfall of your website will increase. It also enhances the chances of you being discovered by prospective customers.

Our experts help the business increase their exposure to reach your potential local clients. You will shine among your competitors because we will help you will get a lot of local traffic and customers through google maps.

What All It Includes?

The detailed description that includes keywords pertaining your business. No duplicacy in the address or contact number.
The accuracy of correct name, address and phone number all across the internet which includes all the social media accounts, website, and any other mention.
The accurate business description so that visitors and search engine have a clear understanding of the business right when they look up for you on the internet.
Correct business hours so that search engine understands your credibility. It also adds valuable information for potential customers who stop by at your website or the physical shop.
Adding images and videos for the increased credibility of your local business. It also adds a lot of value to your ranking on search engine results.
Authentic reviews on google and other social media platforms for increased reputation and customer engagement.

How Do We Do It?

1. Maps Content Optimization

We fill up your maps page with high-quality content to help you reach the top of the Map results.

2. Google Map Optimization Reviews

Positive reviews have 10% share in your overall local rankings on your Google maps. We can fill reviews from your client base or can create high-quality genuine reviews as well.

3. External Location signals

External Location Signals like building citations to the business’ contact information have 16% shares as a ranking factor. It includes aggregator NAP consistency, which are other signals that we will optimize for your and holds great value to reach on top.

4. External Link Signals

External backlinks signals like linking domain authority, inbound text, and linking domain quality hold 18% stake in your map rankings. We build a higher quality of backlinks to your listings to optimize your Google maps.