SEO Services India

IntellectAd provides affordable SEO services in India for your business. Search engine optimization services are the keyword to every business that wants to establish itself successfully in the digital world. With the easy access to the internet, the competition has increased rapidly in the last decade. That is why it is necessary to invest in a smart exclusive SEO strategy in order to make your brand or business stand out.

A good business is not only about superior products or services anymore. For making the best of internet you need to bring your services in front of potential consumers. SEO comes in handy as it presents your business at the top of the search engine results. Whenever a consumer looks for a similar product to yours, your business will show up as one of the top results. You will know the results when you understand that you are competing with more than 250 million websites on the internet.

SEO is an essential part of digital marketing because having a consumer-friendly website or engaging is not enough to bring ROI. SEO helps in drawing the attention towards your brand and services. Since it targets the consumer that is already interested in similar product/services, there is a higher chance of consumer conversion. Once your business ranks higher on the search engine results, you will have consumers flocking to your business hence increasing your profits. We, at IntellectAd, work tirelessly to ensure high-quality SEO. We use the combination of best-suited keywords for your business to bring google friendly results to you. Not only it is affordable and gives a guaranteed increase in traffic, you will also experience increased brand credibility and improved ROI. To compete for your business rivals you need to upgrade your marketing skills to digital with the help of search engine optimization.

Our Approach

1. Keyword Analysis

We analyze all the keywords that your competitors are targeting. Our experts will aggregate the data with search optimization tools to generate keyword options.

2. Keyword Assignment

Our consultant will assign keywords to your website page. We start with the on-site optimization process to obtain quick results.

3. On-site SEO Code Optimization

Our code optimization process entails meta descriptions, page titles and meta keywords. We ensure that search engines can index your content, all links are followed, pages are not blocked, and everything on the backend is in the top-notch condition.

4. On-site Content SEO

Our experts deliver high-end inbound content marketing which generates traffic, social shares and links to the website.

5. Link Optimization

We can maximize the pages you have and assist you in creating new pages. Our experts ensure that the internal linking structure is architecturally correct.

6. External Linking and Advanced Search Engine Optimization

We review your technical structure to suggest a new form of search traffic development. Our experts create link building strategy based on the objectives of the marketing campaign.
Our experts analyze your customer journey and identify the loopholes which are keeping the conversion out. We conduct several tests to consider the most useful page combinations.
We conduct a comprehensive audit to improve mobile rankings. We review all the technical necessities with outreach opportunities such as social media platforms integration.

Our Promise

1. Google Maps Optimization

We have tailored Google Maps SEO services to meet all the unique requirements and objectives of your business. There is a sufficient scope of optimization solutions offered by us to increase the visibility of your business.

2. Dedicated SEO Resource/ Virtual

We have SEO professionals who are always updated with the guidelines of leading Search Engine like Google, MSN. Yahoo and Bing.

3. Local Search Engine Optimization

We possess a team of professionals along with combined SEO experience. Our chief focus is on the local SEO to deliver the tailor-made results. We intend to improve your business visibility across different Search Engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing.

4. Small Business SEO

Our SEO experts offer small businesses powerful marketing solutions at an affordable price.

5. App Store Optimization

Our experts can help you move up in the ranking across Google Play Store, iTunes App Store, Amazon’s App Store and among others. We conduct an in-depth competitive analysis and keyword research to draw the attention of your end users.