Landing Page Optimization

You need landing page optimization for your business so that you get the highest possible conversion results from the traffic bringing you a significant increase in the return on investment. There are a varied number of elements that need to be improved in order to increase the traffic on your website as the conversion.

Landing pages are usually where sales pitch are present. This is a page which holds the most value for the business or the website. This is the reason why landing page optimization holds such a high value in digital marketing. Landing page conversions make a big difference on your digitally present business. If your landing page is optimized well then it will result in higher sales and lead conversions. It will also lower your other costs such as customer acquisition, advertisement expenditure and as a result, you will get more customers.

IntellectAd has a dynamic content program to provide a landing page that matches frequently searched terms. These precisely done landing pages are visually appealing, their compelling call to action take your business to another notch by capturing the attention of the potential consumer. We start by understanding your core services, consumer base, business goals, and the budget. Both long term and short term business goals need to have its exclusive strategy is place in order to get the appropriate results for your business to thrive. Everything from the content, to the visuals, is brainstormed for hours and eventually implemented to give you a unique compelling landing page. You get to see the results soon after through the analytics in place. With our proven marketing techniques, we include the PPC campaign. With the help of complimenting keywords, it gives ROI and improved conversion rates.


  • We understand your business goals and your customers orientation. It helps us in determining what strategy should be in place in order to design your landing page that is appropriate for your business.
  • We work along with our creative heads who brainstorm for hours for deciding the design and copywriting of your landing page. We know what is required to create a gripping landing page.
  • Once our plan is good to go, we implement our landing page design. You can test the performance results in the shortest time through our analytics.


1. Team Of Experts

We have a team of landing page experts and designers who creates pages using unique call to actions (CTAs) and images supported with proven marketing techniques.

2. Landing Pages Aligned With Ppc Campaigns

We design landing pages giving priority to your PPC campaigns. Our experts carefully constructs landing pages that complements keywords designated in your PPC campaign. This will increase your ROI and improve conversion rates.

3. Customized Solutions

We create landing page design and optimize solutions based on core services, marketing objective and budget of the project.

4. A/b And Mvt Plans

ng with advertisers performance selling similar products.