The Complete Guide to Evaluate a SEO Company

Once you have set up your business online, your next goal demands a lot of traffic and return on investment. Setting up a website is a huge investment. In the case of an E-commerce website, the maintenance is even higher even on day to day basis. That is why from the very beginning you need to strategize your business to start your revenues early. One of the best ways to do it is through SEO services. But Evaluate a SEO Company is a difficult task as It takes your business higher on the search engine result page (SERP) with the help of relevant keywords.

There are some other paid marketing services as well that help you garner the attention of the potential customers. You get to compete with your business rivals who have a reach to a vast customer base. But all of this does not come easy. It is a gradual process which needs expertise. Also, you need someone who understands your business as much as you do. In this swarm of businesses in today’s world, it is very difficult to choose the right SEO partner for your business. There are so many desired characteristics. We have done our research and talked to our experts at IntellectAd

The Complete Guide to Evaluate an SEO Company

How to evaluate a SEO company:

The quality of communication:

A good SEO company would provide the services to you in a highly professional manner. The first sign of professionalism is clear communication. Pay attention to how the company sends you data and analytics. Do you get your queries answered on time? Are you satisfied with the communication? If yes, then only continue your association with the company. You would not like to partner yourself with a company that leaves you chasing after them, once you have made the payment.

Analyze their strategies:

The SEO companies might bombard you with a hundred technical strategies, but are they really useful for your business. Every business demands different strategies as per their nature, size and financial stability. You might not see the positive effect of  SEO methodologies right away but it should be able to give you some data every few weeks to see any impact. You cannot invest your time and money in hollow.

Ask for the reports and quality analytics regularly

As we have talked about communication as well, our SEO company should be able to send you high-quality analytics data at regular intervals. You must know what parts of your company need attention, what areas SEO is targetting, or which strategy, in particular, is giving you the best results. It will help you in planning the next few months of digital marketing smartly.

Evaluate the revenue shifts

It is true that you can’t expect soaring profits from the beginning of search engine optimization. Most of the strategies take time to get the attention of the consumer. But if you are taking an extra measure to take care of your business there has to be some profit. Analyze the revenue to understand how much of a difference SEO is making for your business.

Results of the Local SEO

Local SEO’s popularity has a valid reason behind it. It works like charm in promoting your brand among your local consumers who are likely to be interested in you more than anyone else. Everything from your location, correct contact number and mention/appearance at social media platforms works in your favor.  If it is not yielding you results then you have every reason to question the SEO company’s strategies.


Search Engine Marketing or SEM is a paid marketing strategy that is used along with SEO by giving you the best results in a shorter span of time. Through the Adwords on the search engine, you get to the customers before they can reach you. It especially works like an excellent campaign for a new business. Pay attention how your SEO partners have strategized SEM in your entire campaign. It is a long run process but after some dig in you would know what combination works best for your company.

Know the tactics for link building

Link Building is an essential part of Search engine optimization. Link building determines how good you should rank on the search engine results page. But many SEO companies indulge in unethical practices which might hamper your reputation in the long run. There should be a focus on getting a few quality links instead of a big number of low-quality links. Then there are some black hat techniques which are again not good for your business. So you need to keep an eye on not just the results but how those results have been achieved.

Maintenance and Aftercare

Since the field of digital marketing is constantly evolving one cannot stop and be satisfied at any point. It needs regular maintenance in order to keep working smoothly and yielding good results. For example, the keywords need to be up to date. The content marketing should be done keeping the current scenario in mind. Even in the case of a website, one has to maintain the website in order to make it user-friendly.

Spot any red flags

Even though the process of witnessing results by partnering with SEO company is a long process. But there is no way that you cannot detect the caliber of the company from the beginning. Do your own research so that you know the basics. See if their communication is transparent. Always check if their strategies are tailor-made for your business or not. These small details will tell you how well the company is going to do in the future. Do not ignore any red flags because here your business is at stake.

No business can survive on the digital platform without search engine optimization. Just being good at your business is not enough. You need to know how to sell yourself to almost any kind of customer. That is where services like SEO and SEM come in handy. It makes your business visible, strong and a familiar name among the customers.

If you are looking for a trustworthy SEO partner for your business then you should contact IntellectAd. You will get full assistance to the needs of your business, the problem areas and their detailed diagnosis.