In-House vs. Outsourced SEO Services: Pros and Cons

This is no news how important SEO has become for any business in today’s time. No matter if your business is digital or not, you must maintain an online representation of your business in order to be found by local customers and get a good return on investment. SEO is not only extremely pivotal for a growing business but it is also quite complex. You need to understand the needs and demands of your business in order to diagnose it with the right kind of SEO services and its different combinations. Let us have a look at the importance of SEO for your business:

SEO makes you visible on the internet, especially for your potential local customers. This is the number one reason you need to get SEO services to make an impact on the digital platform

When you invest in SEO services, you are eventually investing in a larger ROI. The website footfall will increase and you will experience an increase in sales. Digital marketing is a rapidly changing market. The trend and need for the business change in a blink. SEO helps your business to adopt the new marketing strategies quickly without impacting your business in any negative manner.

In-house is a long-term investment but outsourced services provide your expertise. So how do you decide what is right for your business? Let us find out:

In-House vs. Outsourced SEO Services: Pros and Cons


Setting up an entire department will definitely need time, expertise and other resources. It will also require a big amount as a long-term investment. As one person would not be able to deal with everything, you will require more than one person and other resources to set up an entire department.


A better understanding of your business: Your in-house team understands your business the best. From your products/services and your entrepreneurial challenges, everything is well understood by your in-house team. They will know what services are needed by your business and constantly come up with new strategies to make your business better.

Appropriate for the large business: A large business has a complex nature and it has many  SEO related requirements on daily basis. Everything from the website, social media to the day to day digital business management is looked after by the SEO team. In such a scenario it is best to opt for an in-house team.

Good for B2B companies and complex services: with the expansion of globalization business to business market has distinctly grown. Even at the smaller scale, such companies have a more complex system than any other company. Also, if your company sells a product which needs to be introduced the potential customer or it is not a need for them then you will need in-house SEO services to make your business familiar to your customers.

Available for any mishap/ technical glitch on the spot: we are all familiar with technical glitches and its consequences on the digital platform. You can’t undo the damage done. But if you have in-house SEO services, the problem can be detected in the earlier stages or even can be detected in advance. In a way, it saves you from major financial and reputational damage.

Get true results: Few SEO services take their time in giving you real results. In such a scenario you might question the potential and work done by the SEO team. But when you have an in-house team, you put all your trust in their work and trust the process.


Costly: In-house SEO service means setting up an entire department. SEO has the much different expertise and it is not possible that one person would be able to look after it. You can opt for it only If you have a budget and need for it.

Unsuitable for small enterprises & startup: Small business can neither afford the in-house services nor they will be able to accommodate to the other responsibilities.

Management/administration responsibilities: Setting up the in-house services means a lot of administrative responsibilities. Sometimes it is a distraction and it does not give an expected ROI.


Outsourcing SEO service seems like a convenient option as you can opt for it whenever a need arises. You can choose a combination of services for your business without investing in a larger scenario.


Get help from experts and their resources: Firms that provide exclusive SEO services have worked with hundreds of other companies. They have experience of different scenarios and businesses. It gives them an expert on the subject to provide the best service.

Extensive data and strategy: While working with such firms you get hold of their extensive resources. All the case studies and personal experience of their personnel will give you the best insight into the needs of your business. They will also be able to give you an outsider’s perspective which is very important for any business.

Deliverables: when you outsource your SEO services, the company gives you confirm deliverables in the given time. Usually, you can check your results every month where you will be shown all the areas that have improved after getting the SEO services.


Wrong practices: Such firms are always under great pressure to deliver good results and many times they undertake wrongful practices in order to yield good results. Since Google is too smart for such tricks it might result badly and even set back your business for the worst.

Bad Contract: When you hire a company to provide SEO services, you can never be very sure of their honesty or expertise. There is a chance that you might be cheated of your money. To avoid this you should always get a trial for at least a month before getting into a contract or paying the money. You must earn ample time to judge the work and professionalism of the outsourced firm.

Here we can see that both In-house SEO services and Outsourced SEO services have their own respective pros and cons. There is no absolute right or wrong here in this case. That is why you need to keep your business scale, products and other pivotal details in mind. That will guide you to choose the right option for yourself and make the most of SEO services.